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A home away from home.


The physical layout of our facility emulates the living and dining area of a home to avoid the feeling of being in an institution. The delivery method of activities and programs are designed to keep our clients purposefully and meaningfully engaged. Our staff are extensively trained in how to facilitate participation in areas of the care recipient's interest as well as to gently encourage them to participate in new experiences.

We will provide a healthy balance of large group, small group, and individual activities at a pace that is comfortable to each care recipient.

  • We are committed to providing a safe, engaging, quality experience for all care recipients. Activities and programs are developed based on the interest of the care recipients.
  • We are dedicated to providing support to the entire family.
  • We are 100% committed to providing each care recipient and his/her family at Amazing Age Adult Day Stay excellence in adult care.
  • One of our main goals is to ensure that we meet each care recipient's needs.


The recognition of longer life expectancies and population growth poses a real question. What will the quality of life be for millions of elderly and the countless number of caregivers they will have to rely on?

  • Amazing Age is an alternative or supplement to home care and an alternative to moving to assisted living or a nursing home to receive care.
  • Amazing Age provides a bridge allowing individuals to remain in their home settings rather than an institutional setting, which is what the majority of caregivers and care recipient’s desire.
  • Amazing Age enables continued community-based living for individuals with physical and cognitive limitations providing a sense of purpose and dignity.
  • Amazing Age services are far less expensive compared to continued costs increases of long-term care, private in-home care or nursing home care.
  • Amazing Age is successful at recognizing and supporting each care recipient's unique abilities. This allows us to individualize our program and assist in reducing age regression.
  • Amazing Age is effective in improving caregiver well-being and reducing burden, role overload, worry, anger, and depression.

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